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EDGE Spotlight: The HIIT Factor

We want to help our entrepreneurial members gain a competitive edge by spotlighting our members' businesses on our website and social media channels, as well as, partnering to offer exclusive perks and discounts to the NBMBAA Cleveland Chapter community. The Cleveland Chapter's Empowering, Diverse, & Growing Entrepreneurs program, or EDGE, is open to current members who also own a small or growing business. For our first spotlight, join us in celebrating Haja Tunkara's new business venture, The HIIT Factor, a boutique fitness studio serving the Larchmere, Shaker Square, and surrounding neighborhoods. Read on to learn more and to access an exclusive offer available to the NBMBAA Cleveland Chapter community of partners, members, and friends.

The HIIT Factor

Submitted by Haja Tunkara, Owner of The HIIT Factor

The HIIT Factor is your premium fitness studio rooted in the community and committed to holistic health. We do this through group fitness classes and programming intended to reach our members on not only the physical, but the mental level as well.

Our variety of group fitness classes generally focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that we like to describe as Your Intensity Interval Training (YIIT) allowing individuals to work at their specific level of fitness in time intervals to boost their metabolic burn, increase endorphins and increase “afterburn” in an effective & fast workout. We complement our “YIIT” classes with other fun filled classes such as Zumba, PoundFit, Cycling, Step Aerobics and a host of other classes.

Within our commitment to holistic wellness, we incorporate classes and programming meant to address mental health factors; we understand the importance of taking time to sharpen your mental saw. Our Yoga classes, unique events and programming; such as the incorporation of art and fitness, provide our members the opportunity to see health from a new perspective while recharging their batteries so they’re more able to take on their work week within the highest levels of their mental intellect.

Members of NBMBAA are able to take advantage of all we have to offer at a reduced membership rate. We offer NBMBAA members a 15% discount on all monthly member rates simply for being part of an organization committed to impact. We see what you do for your community and are in full alignment with the mission, we want to do our part in affording this opportunity to you in the way that you afford opportunities to so many in our communities.

Visit The HIIT Factor's website for more information and to purchase a membership. Enter code NBMBAA at checkout to access the 15% discount*.

*Student, Golden Year, and Pole Only memberships are not eligible for additional discounts and are therefore excluded from the discount code.

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